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1347 the citizens of Krumlov were granted brewing rights by the Lords of Rosenberg.

1503 The municipality was also granted brewing rights to cover high civic expenditure. From this time the citizens brewed barley beer and the town brewed wheat beer. The first town brewery and the first parish maltings were situated in Široká street, today numbers 94-95. 4 private houses stood on the site of the present-day Egon Schiele Art Centrum. These buildings were bought by the municipality but they proved to be highly impractical for brewing.

1605 the decision was made to use all the available town means to build a new brewery.

1606 First building phase undertaken by local master mason Hans Hasa; carpentry work by master Sebastian Autengruber.

1607 Start of the second building phase undertaken by the renowned Budweis master mason Dominik Cometa. The carpentry work was again carried out by Sebastian Autengruber.

1608 Third building phase undertaken by Dominik Cometa. Completed on 10.12.1608. Other important craftsmen : Stone-masons : Kašpar Cumeniss, František Venosta; roofer Václav Vašnpelc and builder Hans Symandl. Brewing continued throughout the rennovations.

17th - 18th centuries Regular maintenance during the late 18th century. Construction of the balcony-like passage (Pawlatsche) in the yard. The brewery didn't have a cellar on account of the water level of the Vltava. Therefore the beer had to be immediately delivered to the pubs. From 1705 the townhall cellar could be used as a storeroom. The Krumlov town brewery was one of the best in Bohemia.

1887 The new brewing house was built beside the Vltava.

around 1900 Certain defects became apparent - in particular cracks and rotten beams - as a result of the excessive dampness. It was therefore deemed necessary to undertake minor repairs.

1929 The rennovation of the left part of the brewery left behind distinctive traces in the historic building.

1949 (March) Closure of the town brewery. The complex was converted and used to house formerly private craft workshops and communal enterprises such as local government offices, a locksmiths, a laundry, public works canteens, the administration of the town baths and works archives.

1991 (31.12.) Legal winding up of the works.

1992 Takeover by the Egon Schiele Foundation, Český Krumlov.

1993 Opening of the Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Český Krumlov.