Apartment X

33 m2 apartment

Third floor, kitchen unit, refrigerator, cooker, bathroom with shower, toilet, wooden floor, phone


A, foto: at101     A, foto: at103

74 m2 studio

Lower storey in the other building, over two storey, big windows (bright environment), direct entry from the street, paved floor, double sink with hot water, good for large scale work, suitable for sculptors.

Ten year rental:

  • 15000,-CZK per month = 1.800.000,-CZK/10yrs (advance payment) 
  • water, electricity, heating, insurance, etc. – monthly fee 400-450,- Euro (depending on season, number of people and energy prices)
  • phone billed individually

A, foto: at104

Possible monthly rental of the apartment:

  • 16000,-CZK per month
  • Suitable for photographers or writers
  • Phone billed individually

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