Apartment VII

62 m2 apartment

1st floor - kitchen unit, refrigerator, cooker, bathroom with shower, brick floor, phone


A, foto: at071     A, foto: at073

50 m2 studio

roof space directly above the apartment, connected via stairs, wooden floor, double sink with hot water


A, foto: at072     A, foto: at074

Ten year rental:

  • 13000,-CZK per month = 1.560.000,-CZK/10yrs (advance payment)
  • water, electricity, heating, insurance, etc. – monthly fee 400,- Euro (depending on season, number of people and energy prices)
  • phone billed individually

A, foto: at075

Short term rentals:

  • 36000,-CZK per month (all fees included)
  • phone billed individually

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